Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Fairwell BlogSpot

After many months of "persuading" me to switch, my wonderful wife has designed me a new Wordpress based website, which has just gone live at www.mikscarlet.com. As well as looking amazing, it allows me to do all manner of great stuff like integrating my blog into to main website. Oooh.

So it does mean that I will no longer be posting any more of my waffle here on Blogspot. No, from now on there will be a one stop shop for all things Mik, at the address above.

So to all of my followers, those who check out what I am ranting about from time to time and those who stumble accross these musings from the past few years and want to read more, please come over to the new site. And if you would please follow me there.

Thanks for staying with me during this time and I hope to find you all at my new super site.

(And if you ever need a website and like what you see, my wife does amazing work at reasonable prices!)

Nice one


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